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Red Bottoms quickly became one of the hottest lifestyle brands that translates across international boundaries. Red Bottoms is a global fashion brand offering a strong denim collection and continues to grow to include many categories including footwear, tops, handbags, outerwear, eye-wear, jewelry, watches and more, all reflecting the relaxed style, and beauty without effort that is Red Bottoms. 

With a long-standing tradition of quality within it’s versatile collection, Red Bottoms never sacrifices substance for style. The brand continues to evolve, expanding its collection on quality, style and fashion, always staying true to the core components the brand was built from. Deeply rooted in its brand DNA, denim is an integral part of the universal fashion language spoken around the world.


Brand Positioning:
• Young contemporary/Juniors fashion, ages 15-28.

• Girls ages 4-14

• Available in Canada, United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America 

• Mid-Tier Dept stores, specialty stores, boutique shops, and e-tailors