1384 Broadway 9th FL, New York, NY 10018




Kemistry is a brand for someone who appreciates great fashion, but doesn’t have the luxury to wear it. Based in the city that never sleeps, Kemistry was established in 2010 with an ambition to create the designer-like pieces that everyone enjoys, at a fraction of the cost.

Best known for our trend-setting looks and attention to detail, our brand continues to excel by manufacturing products with the finest fabrics, quality authentic trims, and an emphasis on luxury and comfort.

We thrive on creativity with an understanding of the importance of luxurious quality and craftsmanship. We’re sure you’ll feel the love we pour into every pair made by Kemistry.  

Brand Positioning:
• Young Mens & Womens Sportswear
• Children ages 4-18
• Available only in the United States and Canada
• Dept stores, specialty stores, e-commerce